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Postcards From...

Our colourful city break guides allow your readers to enjoy a vivid double page spread with an iconic cityscape image to set the mood together with the opening paragraphs of the city's overview. This overview continues and concludes on page 3. The feature also includes some general interest vignettes and up to four hotel recommendations running across the bottom of pages 3 and 4. If you require the use of less than 4 hotels you may substitute as required to put in your own information box/boxes. For instance a staff profile. Click on the booklet cover left to view all the 'Postcards from' city features. When you have decided on a preferred city piece click the appropriate 'Add to publication' button below to add to your publication cart.

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After viewing 'Postcards From...' Booklet please select your preferred destination module(s) below by hovering over image and clicking 'Add to Publication'.

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