Check the useful FAQ section below for some frequently asked questions regarding "Travelspeak" magazine and our other design and publishing services.


What is the frequency of "Travelspeak" magazine?

Two issues of the magazine are produced each year in April and October. Accordingly the two issue can be viewed as Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter editions respectively. Copy deadlines are 2 weeks before the magazines go to press for covers. The next issue of Travelspeak is the Spring/Summer 2014 edition with a cover deadline of Friday 4th April 2014.


What do I need as a minimum to set up a version of the magazine?

In preparation for each issue we prepare a selection of over 30 cover concepts. Some of these suggestions are single page options and some are wraparound (front and back outer covers) ideas. We also prepare a run-through of the issue showing all the completed double page articles as well as "Breaking News" stories on pages 3 and 22. In addition we prepare two alternative formats for page 2 (inside front cover) as vertical and horizontal layouts displaying an editor's column, a "Contents" section and space for your business contact details. An optional editor's column will be pre-written offering seasonal greetings and a walk-through the issue highlights. An optional page 23 (inside back cover) is also prepared with more "Breaking News" stories.


So, the answer to this question is ..."NOT VERY MUCH AT ALL!" We just require your choice of cover and any logos you wish to include together with your business details and any alterations to the editor's column to personalise it to your business. With no further input you will probably choose a wraparound cover option and you would take our optional page 23. We would need to design a masthead for your first issue and this would put the personal touch on the look of your outer front cover.


How can I cover the costs of my  "Travelspeak" magazine?


On a standard 24-page magazine format there are 20 pages of pre-written material and 4 pages of bespoke covers. Of these 4 cover pages the front outer cover is your magazine front and so is unlikely to carry advertising. For the inner front cover we recommend an editor and contents layout so again little room for advertising. This leaves you with two complete pages of potential advertising revenue - the inner and outer back covers. The most logical source of advertising are UK based tour operators and global travel suppliers. However, local businesses can be a great source of revenue as they would want to share in your excellent targeted distribution. 


How much should I charge for a page in my "Travelspeak" magazine?

I believe a sensible formula is 50% of the production cost of your magazine per full page. Sell both pages and you are covered for production costs leaving you with distribution costs. For instance 150 copies of the magazine will cost £325.00 so the page rate could be £162.50.


Do you offer a mailing service for "Travelspeak" magazine?

Travelspeak has an account with Royal Mail which allows us to take advantage of slightly beneficial postal rates for unsorted mail. As a result we handle mailings for a number of our members.​ We offer an all-inclusive rate of £72.00 per 100 items. Our price includes mailing, good quality white window or windowless envelopes, addressing and fulfilment. Mailing lists are treated with a guarantee of confidentiality and we are GDPR compliant. Mailing lists should be supplied as excel (or equivalent) spreadfsheet with address lines in separate columns. All addresses must be supplied with UK postcode. International mailing addresses should be removed.