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Three steps to Publication

TRAVELSPEAK offers a simple three step platform in which to select all the components required to create bespoke, luxury travel publications that are both visually stunning and full of dynamic content... 

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Enter The VAULTS to discover a dazzling library of worldwide luxury travel features and showcases in 24 collections. View our handy booklets and then build your publications by simply clicking 'Add to Publication' on each module you want to feature. When available, choose the hotels you prefer to support a particular feature. When you have enough material proceed, as required, to Cover Manager.  

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Cover Manager

Your front cover is the invitation into your publication so it is important that it inspires the reader to enter. Like the VAULTS, Cover Manager is sectioned into themed 'Collections', from which it is easy to make your choice by simply clicking 'Add to Publication'. If it is your first cover we will also assist you in designing a masthead style - Discover your look - corporate, style-driven? ...Happy browsing!

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At this point the baton is handed over to us to produce a tailor-made pagination for you to approve. It is also your chance to add any personalised information to the run of your pages like special offers, staff profiles, and 'calls to action'. We will assist you from here to sign off and delivery (subject to payment) - immediately for digital material and within a matter of days for print orders - Now the butterfly can fly!

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A Typical Workflow for a 24 page Publication

VAULTS Modules: Breaking News (3 vignettes selected)
Breaking News January 2023_Page_01.jpg
3 BN choices for workflow_Page_1.jpg
3 BN choices for workflow_Page_2.jpg
3 BN choices for workflow_Page_3.jpg
VAULTS Module: Postcards from...Rome (4 pages)
Postcards from Rome_Page_1.jpg
Postcards from Rome_Page_2.jpg
Postcards from Rome_Page_3.jpg
Postcards from Rome_Page_4.jpg
VAULTS Module: Iconic City Hotels - Hotel de La Ville, Rome (2 pages)
VAULTS Module: The Bucket List - Galapagos (8 pages)
VAULTS Collection: A Sense of Place - Boho Chic
Boho Chic 6-pager_Page_3.jpg
Boho Chic 6-pager_Page_4.jpg
Boho Chic 6-pager_Page_5.jpg
Boho Chic 6-pager_Page_6.jpg

Select your modules from The VAULTS

There are TWO ways to locate your modules from the Collections:


Select from the drop down list in The VAULTS header


Use the search facility to locate a destination or even a specific product or property. For instance search 'Italy' and you will get lots of options including 'Postcards from Rome' and 'Hotel de La Ville' shown LEFT

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There are lots and lots of examples of Masthead (title) designs both for magazine- and corporate-style formats for those who have not developed a look. With 25 years of experience we are delighted to assist you in designing an appropriate style to suit your publication(s). This and other forms of personalisation will take place after you send us your VAULTS and Cover Manager selections by clicking 'Send to Travelspeak' in the Publication Cart, where you can view all your selections.  

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You have approved your PROOF. We will now proceed upon your written consent to 'Proceed to Publication' and cleared payment of our invoice. Please view our terms and conditions for conditions of re-print after going to print.

Turnaround times

Digital publications - Immediate delivery

Delivered printed publications -

3-5 working days to most mainland addresses

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Each time you 'Add to Publication' that module is placed in the 'Publication Cart' ready for use in your pagination. Once you have enough modules proceed to 'Cover Manager', if your publication requires covers.

Cover Manager is found next to The VAULTS on the header column and consists once again of a drop down of Collections covering a wide range of themes and destinations. As our example publication features a Bucket List article on The Galapagos we have selected an appropriate image from 'Wild' Collection that fits the story.

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Once you have completed all the necessary contact details you will receive confirmation that your selections have been received and we will prepare a proof (digital flipping book format) that also includes personalised entries, covers, contents and any additional space required for your own material or advertisers. This part of the process is not automated, as each publication is a bespoke production, at which point we will be able to finalise Pricing for your printed and/or digital order.

(LIVE link to Flipping Book proof)

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'Some Key Marketing Suggestions'

Some Key Marketing Suggestions

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