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Delivery & Reprints

Print orders to mainland UK will usually be delivered within 4 working days of client 'Sign Off', which is your written confirmation that you have approved ALL the pages of your publication from either your digital (or in some cases, printed) proof. It is at this point, and after payment has been received, that Travelspeak will send your publication to the presses. When you receive our 'Gone to Print' confirmation, then you will not be able to stop/change the order. 

Reprints due to Defects Policy

Whilst we exercise rigorous checks on the prepared artwork prior to printing, there may be rare instances when there are printing defects. For instance, dust marks on the printing plates causing aberrations to the printed page or incorrect trimming. Generally speaking, the process of printing includes spot checks every so often, to ensure consistency and quality. In cases where there are issues we would expect the client to inform us immediately of the defect, and whether this is consistent across the whole order, or in limited numbers. We will action an immediate re print in measure once this has been assessed and at no additional cost to the client. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR DELIVERY ADDRESS IS SECURE, PROTECTED FROM EXTERIOR WEATHER CONDITIONS AND OPEN IN NORMAL WORKING HOURS.

Delivery Policy on Print Orders

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